We offer cooling equipment designed for your specific site needs, loads, climate and budget.

Expertly Crafted Custom Cooling Equipment

CMS designs custom, high-efficiency CRAC/CRAH, In-Row Cooling Units, Overhead Cooling, Chillers, Packaged Rooftop Units, and Evaporative Cooling Units for Data Centers.

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CMS Cooling, founded in 2008 is an industry leader in high-efficiency custom cooling systems for data centers.

It is no longer about precision cooling in the Data Center, it is about moving air in an efficient way. Too many cooling solutions in the market today are based on dated designs that consider logistics over efficiency.

A cooling solution should not be limited because it can fit through a door or the back of a truck. It must be designed to the specific environment that it will service.

Anyone can write down efficiency numbers – Custom Mechanical Systems guarantees them.

Data Center ≠ Computer Room


Products designed with your specific space in mind, that reduce energy usage while utilizing the least amount of the valuable real estate within your data center.

Industrial grade components, PLC based controls, and optimized for energy-efficiency. 

Systematic, planned factory startup and commissioning.  Factory Witness Testing available.

Featured Products

From product design and assembly, to our controls automation design and implementation, we have the unique ability and agility to turn your wish list into your reality. Data Center designers an operators are looking for the precise and individual applications that mass-equipment manufactures just cannot deliver. With our unmatched expertise in PLC unitary controls and BMS systems. Custom Mechanical Systems has the ability to ensure seamless communication and compatibility with any building management system.

In-Row Cooling

In-Row cooling systems minimize fan energy by installing the cooling system in the server racks. The in-row cooling systems that are most commonly recommended by CMS have working parameters as detailed below:

Overhead Cooling Units

Overhead Cooling​

Overhead cooling systems share the close coupled fan energy savings provided by In-Row systems without the loss of valuable white space.  The Overhead Cooling Systems recently built by CMS include the following working parameters:


Large capacity CRAH unit optimized for hyper-scale facilities.  All serviced through front, flexible connection locations.  Air flow rates up to 80,000 CFM.


Modern CRAC/CRAH units bear little resemblance to legacy units from the early days of computer rooms. CMS units are designed to handle large heat loads with minimal energy consumption. The difference between CRAC and CRAH units is the former has a compressor to reduce the temperature of air while the latter uses chilled water from a chiller or cooling tower.  The following are the specifications of commonly advised CRAC/CRAH units by CMS.


Packaged Rooftop Units

Packaged Rooftop Units can provide rapid deployment and installation. CMS  products are made specifically for use in data centers. The most commonly installed Packaged Rooftop Units have the following specifications:


CMS Chillers are made specifically for use in data centers industrial grade components optimized for higher temperatures with built-in free cooling while ensuring the least downtime.  One of the advantages of using chillers to cool water is that water is easier to handle and circulate while providing efficient heat exchanging capabilities.  Chillers recommend by CMS have the following features:

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